December 15, 2016

Greetings Everyone,

Hope all is well with you folks and that you are looking forward to a pleasant holiday season.

You may not believe this (I didn't) but we are looking at sixty years since we left good old Sunnyside High school, which poses the question, is there an interest in doing anything to celebrate that momentous occasion in 2019 or before?

If you're like us it is a little harder to travel and in some instances even getting up in the morning can be a chore, but if the interest is there we could possibly do something like we did at Dan Martinez's a few years ago.  It was a spur of the moment thing and no official invites were sent out, but word of mouth got some of us there to Dan's for an afternoon of visiting, catching up and eating!  Or we could plan a little more elaborate activity.  It is your call.....  Think about it.

Thus the reason for this little note: please respond back with your thoughts and we can go from there.

That said, stay warm if you live in an area like us, and enjoy the snow.  If you live in the warm South, or are a 'snow bird', enjoy that nice warm weather for all of us!

Also, does anyone look at our site?  Is it worth continuing?

Bill Gant