The following is a list of our missing or lost classmates.  We hope you will take a few minutes and help us to locate them.  Please send the information to either or or phone Juanita Gant 509-790-7100 or Mary Herndon 509-543-7311

The following are the classmates  who were with us when we graduated:

Diane Betteridge       -     (found 12-10-12)
Lee Caldwell
Jim Clifford
Dennis Kinzer
Norma Moore        -      (found on 12-28-11)
Lauro Rodriguez

The following are classmates who did not graduate with us but had been with us earlier:

Alfred Black
Elsie Blair
Ralph Brown
Donna Flippen
Herb Hanson
Belinda Jackson
Mary Janisch
Leah Killebrew
Bob Larson
Rocky Littlefield     -      (Found Jan. 9, 2015)
John Mahan       -         (Found Feb. 11, 2016)
Ronnie Ostby
Barbara Prescott
Mona Ramey
Delbert Shoemaker
Mike Sires
Skip Skinner
Carrie Smith
Dorothy Stephenson
Linda Thomas
Louise Tucker

Sandy Zimbelman